Life Space UX - LED Bulb Speaker “Light up your sound”

SONY |  Life Space UX

LED Bulb Speaker "Light Up Your Sound" 

Role : Planning / Direction  |  Concept Movie  |  2016

Introducing the concept of "Life Space UX," a proposal from Sony that strives to create a new experience in your living space. I directed a concept film for the LED bulb speaker.Using preexisting infrastructure, you can any space in your house with the glows of sound and light.

Sonyが提案する、住空間に新たな体験を生み出す新コンセプト”Life Space UX”。ラインナップの1つLED電球スピーカーのコンセプトムービーを演出しました。今あるインフラをそのまま利用して、ライフスタイルに合わせた、音楽と光の新たな体験を切り取り表現しています。


Planning / Direction : Daisuke Shigihara
DOP : Masato Indo
Music : Pepe California
Offline / Online : Kazunari Tanaka
Colorist : Motoi Tanaka (L’space Vision)
Styling : Shinya Endo
Stylist : Sumire Hayakawa
Hair / Makeup : Naoyui Ohgimoto
Copywriter : Toshiya hayashi (we+)
Still Planning / Still Art Direction : Hiroshi Sato (white)
Still Photographer : Eriko Kaji
ProducerMasanobu Nagakura (TANGRAM)
Line Producer : Kenji Tomita (ooo)
Production Manager : Mizuho Hamamoto
Production & Agency : TANGRAM
Client : Sony Corporation